The initial visit (two hours) provides an understanding of the manifestations and course of the disorder as well as the patient’s particular nature and uniqueness, constitutional strengths and weaknesses; therefore, it is essential that each patient fills out comprehensive intake forms. By offering materials and information about the alternative therapies, creating an emotionally safe environment for the discussion of medical conditions and developing a patient-centered relationship that integrate the multiple facets of the symptoms, the patient begins to understand and recognize areas of imbalances and gets involved in the process of healing.

In-depth questioning, carefully listening, thorough abdominal and channels palpitations, tongue analysis and pulse auscultation with the Japanese Doppler Instrument, help to create the patient's own matrix.
The tongue analysis is offering clues about the general state of harmony or disharmony in the body reflected on its color, moisture, size, coating and the location of any abnormalities. The pulse auscultation is evaluating the energy of the body as well as the blood condition from both, quantitative and qualitative perspective. The diagnostic lens often can interchange as the analysis of the nature of the chief complaint gets from simple to complex. Oriental Medicine focuses on a holistic, energy-based approach to the patient rather than a disease-oriented diagnostic. When all this information is woven together, and a diagnosis has been established, a treatment protocol is elaborated and a discrete shift into individual’s physical body and emotional behavior will initiate the mechanism for healing.

When the patient is treated on many levels, rather than just the symptoms, focusing not only on solving current problems but also on preventive care and maintenance by restoring and balancing the emotional body, nervous system, regulating the production of hormones, and strengthening the immune system, healing becomes a natural response. Also, by incorporating dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies a profound impact on patience’s existence is initiated. The goal is to trigger the mechanism from within. The patient will be able to enhance the quality of his/her live physically, emotionally and spiritually. Diseases don’t come from nowhere-they emerge from a lived life. With the benefit of some objectivity and another degree of separation from the situation, the suggestions can help the patient to expand his/her thinking and possibly find new ways of looking at old patterns and situations in their existence. Ultimate success of any treatment depends on how the patient walks away and owns the solutions, accepts and uses the suggested tools.